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Efficient electronic payment solutions

XYZ Car leads the industry with its advanced eBill system, designed to simplify the payment process for account managers. eBill provides timely reporting and enables managers to effortlessly download, view, and manage invoices. Payments can be efficiently processed electronically, and usage reports are easily accessible.

Special Features:

  • Receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly billing information via email.
  • Download invoices with a special, secure link, available for a limited time for improved security.
  • Get historical invoices and download them through a secure portal.
  • Choose between PDF invoices or download invoice data in CSV format for Excel integration.

XYZ Car offers customizable payment solutions for customized payment needs. Accounting data can be formatted into CSV files, known as “billing disks,” to facilitate seamless integration into accounting software systems. This eliminates manual processing of invoices and improves accuracy and efficiency.

All account managers automatically subscribe to eBill. For certification or other assistance, please contact our customer service team at