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Additional Stops

Below are the rates for additional stops, categorized by location and dispatch zones, ensuring transparency and clarity in planning your travel needs. These rates detail the costs associated with stops within Manhattan, boroughs, and trips to specific destinations like Staten Island and New Jersey.

Rates Information
Additional stops in Manhattan (east to east or west to west) $20.00
Additional stops in Manhattan (east to west or west to east) $30.00
Additional stops in Boroughs (if same dispatch zone) $150.00
Additional stops in Boroughs if different dispatch zone (if on the way) Full & 1/2
From 101 to NJ (south) w/stop in Staten Island Add $50.00
From all other zones in manhattan to NJ (south) with stop in Staten Island Add $50.00
All other stops (Unusual trips will be priced by the base) Full & Full